Weekly Update | September 17, 2023

Dear Friends In Christ,

On the horizon is a very special gathering on September 24th at St. John’s Cathedral. On this Sunday, there will one service at 9am! This time was selected to combine the 8am service, an hour later, with the 10am service, an hour early.

Please come on this special day, at this special hour for a combined service of worship, followed by brunch and the launch of important conversations about St. John’s and the naming of what’s important to you. You can read more about this gathering in the invitation written by the parish planning committee for “Celebrating Our Past and Imagining Our Future Together.”

The members of this ministry committee are: Marci Clare, Rob McPherson, Heyden Morales, Earl Mounger, and Heather Ward; led by The Rev. Dr. Eric Law. Senior Warden Lurelean Gaines and I have attended meetings to listen and learn.

The Rev. Dr. Eric Law may be known to many of you, having served St. John’s in the mid 80’s, before his calling to work as a Chaplain at USC among other ministries. Dr. Law is the Founder and former Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Institute, which provides leadership resources to create sustainable and inclusive communities. With decades of experiences, working with thousands of religious communities, we are most honored to have Dr. Law guiding the people of St. John’s though this transition and discerning God’s vision for this community.

Your voice, your heart, your experiences, your insights, your wisdom, and your hopes and dreams for St. John’s Cathedral can only be expressed and shared by you;

as we listen to the hopes and dreams of the whole community. Please make time, wake early and stay late for this time together, again on September 24th at 9am.

This weekend, on September 17th, we will celebrate the glorious Independence of Belize at St. John’s, and welcome Helenor Webb as our Guest Preacher. Helenor is a beloved parish leader of St. John’s, who served faithfully as Senior Warden as well as in other capacities for a good, long time. Helenor and her husband, Charles, are returning to LA from their home in Arizona for this grand occasion. Helenor will always be a wise, no nonsense, faithful and cherished member of this community, and we are truly grateful for her willingness to be with us this Sunday.

Most often we think about independence of a country happening long ago. Belize achieved independence from Great Britain and Guatemala on September 21, 1981, within the lifetime of many of us. Belize was colonized by the United Kingdom in the 17th century and remained a British colony until 1981. Yet, the history of Belize dates back to the ancient Maya civilization around 1000 BC.

Belize, known as British Honduras for over a century, formed their own government in the 1950’s-60’s, and gained independence through negotiations with the United Nations. Let us celebrate freedom with the people of Belize and our siblings, near and far. Join us for a joyful celebration.

Much love and blessings,

Anne Sawyer

Interim Dean & Priest-in-Charge