Weekly Update | November 19, 2023

I am not sure we even knew how much food we have to give to our neighbors this Saturday,

at our Food Pantry. Let us give thanks!

Let us give heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (LARFB) for making it possible to provide our neighbors with an abundance of food for their families; and we give thanks to our church and community volunteers for your labor of love. Jeffrey McLellan, Co-chair of the St. John’s Food Pantry, oversees ordering and delivery from the LARFB, drawing on professional knowledge and expertise. Then, the hands and hearts of our volunteers make everything possible through our Food Pantry ministry.

Beginning early on the 3rd Saturday of the month before 7am, neighbors will line up in cars and on foot to receive fresh, frozen and canned groceries. On a typical month, a family member receives a bag of frozen meats, a bag of fresh vegetables, a bag of canned and packaged goods, along with an assortment of miscellaneous items. Within two hours, from 8am to 10am, it is typical to load 100 or more cars and/ or baskets, feeding 300 to 400 family members; and on special holidays, such as Thanksgiving this number can double.

This year for Thanksgiving, in addition to many of the fixings for a feast, including turkey, our neighbors will receive extra canned vegetables, with bags of pasta, rice, beans, nuts and more.

A ministry that has existed for decades now, the St. John’s Cathedral Food Pantry is our most vibrant outreach ministry to our neighbors. Co-chair, Canon Lurelean Gaines, has experienced it all:

"St. John's Food Pantry has gone through numerous changes over the years. At one time we provided hot meals (we had a volunteer who prepared the meals); we've proved brown bags of food on Sunday's during the time of the 10:00am service; we've provided food on the first and third Saturdays of the month and individuals would come in and select items that many were able to determine their own needs.  During the Pandemic I surveyed the group of volunteers, and a decision was made to provide food once a month. The onset of the Pandemic created a loss of six volunteer members from the congregation."  

This ministry continues today with the generous support of church members and community supporters. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Canon Gaines through the St. John’s Cathedral Office.

Thank you for blessing our neighbors, and being a part of this important ministry at St. John’s.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

With love and blessings,