About St. John's Cathedral

St. John’s is a house of prayer where all people can come to know the compassionate heart of Jesus. We are a diverse, intentionally cross-cultural community of progressive Christians where you can belong before you believe. Our worship includes ancient and contemporary symbols and practices and preaching to inspire you to follow Jesus in your daily life. The best way to know who we are is to come and see how we worship God.

At St. John’s the beauty of ancient worship and traditional spiritual practices transform contemporary urban lives. Join us as together we discover the sacred in the heart of the city.

One Ministry, Two Locations

St. John’s Cathedral fulfills the liturgical functions for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. Alternately, St. Paul’s Cathedral Center houses diocesan administrative offices and meeting space, as well as a retreat center, bookstore and resource center. Most diocesan staff members, including the Bishops of the diocese, have offices there. To contact St. Paul’s Cathedral Center, visit www.ladiocese.org or call (213) 482-2040.