Catholic, Evangelical, Progressive

At St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, the beauty of ancient worship and traditional spiritual practices transform contemporary urban lives. Join us as together we discover the sacred in the heart of the city.

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Welcome to St. John's

About the Cathedral

St. John’s is a house of prayer where all people can come to know the compassionate heart of Jesus. We are a diverse, intentionally cross-cultural community of progressive Christians where you can belong before you believe. Our worship includes ancient and contemporary symbols and practices and preaching to inspire you to follow Jesus in your daily life. The best way to know who we are is to come and see how we worship God.

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The high altar of St. John's - an ornate rood screen sets off a space of high stone arches, decorated with elaborate blue and gold artwork. The altar is a large gold edifice that opens up to reveal a Christ.
Our Liturgical Life

Worship with Us

Worship is the core of our entire life here at St. John’s. In particular the Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist, or the mass, is the central act of our community life. All that we do flows from this source.

Our Worship

Weekly Services

Sunday Morning
8:00 am & 10:00 am

Holy Eucharist

Times To Be Announced

Christian Education

6:30 pm

Evening Prayer (Online Only)
via Facebook

1st Sunday of the Month
(Returning Fall 2024)


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Our Community

Cross Cultural &

We believe all people are invited to be part of this great project God has begun. So no matter who you are, where you have come from, whatever your ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender,  age, whether you are rich or poor or middle-class we invite you to be part of our community. We believe our diversity enriches us.

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Two priests administer baptism at the baptismal font to a baby, while members of the congregation stand around.
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Our Tradition

Explore Sacred Space

High Altar

The structure, also known as “the Lord's Table,” “the Holy Table,” and “the Table,” where the offerings are presented and the elements of bread and wine are consecrated in the eucharist.

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The interior of St. John's Cathedral is characterized by a grand array of golden-hued mosaics, along with a German triptych, Italian marble altar and columns, and painted wood-beamed ceiling.

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The Rose Window is a circular stained glass window with radiating tracery in the form of a rose. The rose window is usually placed on the west façade of the church and may be quite large, dominating the west end of the nave.

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Rood Screen

The term “rood,” from Old English, means cross. Rood screens were used as early as the twelfth century to separate the chancel or choir from the nave. The rood screen was surmounted with a rood beam...

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The traditional icon is a stylized religious picture that is usually painted on a wood panel in egg tempera. Icons depict Christ, the Trinity, St. Mary, other saints, and events in the gospels and lives of the saints.

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Designed by brothers Walter and Francis Pierpont Davis, St. John's Cathedral is an exceptional example of Romanesque Revival architecture and a reflection of the growth of the Episcopal church in the early 20th century.

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