Weekly Update | January 21, 2024

During this Season of Epiphany, the good people of St. John’s Cathedral will continue our conversation with the Rev. Dr. Eric Law this Sunday, 21 January, after a combined Sunday service at 9am. One service at 9am this Sunday, as we continue our celebration of Black History Month. A light breakfast will be served in the parish hall.

The Rev. Dr. Eric Law has been working with the Cathedral since last September as we move through this time of transition. He has invited the congregation to identify our gifts/strengths, aspects of communal life that need attention, and how to respond faithfully to God’s call. This Sunday, the Rev. Dr. Law will share back the responses you gave to these important questions.

This work of discernment and transition is ongoing, as it is in our own lives. You are essential to the process for it is only together that we come closer to discerning God’s call for us. Please join us.

Two last thoughts:

First, let us give thanks and sing praise to Canon Earl Mounger and the Committee on Black History Month for a fabulous launch of this annual celebration, which will hopefully last all year long.

Second, a week ago, Karen Uhler and I delivered the gifts that we gave to residents of Carter House and to their onsite property manager for Christmas. Karen has served faithfully on the Board of Carter House for nearly 30 years, since it was founded by St. John’s Church and with the exceptional leadership of Ted Handel, Board President.

This ministry exists today as a result of the love, support and labor of Ted and Karen, along

with the former Rector of St. John’s, the Rev. Canon Warner Traynham, among others. Above and below are a few pictures shared with gratitude, and with the blessings of the residents of Carter House.