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What time do Sunday services begin?

Sunday Services begin at 8:00 am for spoken Holy Eucharist and sung Holy Eucharist begins at 10:00 am. Please click here to find more information about our other weekly services.

Where is the church located?

The official address of the church is: 514 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Click here for Google Maps and public transit directions.

How can I get involved at St. John’s?

St. John’s is a fully inclusive community where anyone can become involved in the church and its various ministries. Please click here to visit our community hub page to find out more.

What are the requirements to get married and/or baptized at St. John’s?

There are two ways in which one can get married at St. John’s. The first is to simply rent the facility and supply your own officiant. If this is your preference, please click here to fill out the wedding booking inquiry form. Second, become part of our community and our clergy will officiate at your ceremony. Members "make an offering of themselves, their lives and labors, in union with Christ, for the purposes of God" (BCP, p. 857). Please inquire for details.

In order to be baptized at St. John’s you must go through our formation class, which takes place once a year during the season of Lent. If you are a parent hoping to get your infant baptized you must attend the class yourself. For more information about marriages or baptisms at St. John’s please contact the church office.

What are your food pantry policies and hours of operation?

There are no requirements to participate in the Food Pantry, which takes place on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 8:30 to 10:30 am. Click here to read more about our Food Pantry outreach ministry.

Is St. John’s a Roman Catholic church?

No, in fact St. John’s is an Episcopal church that is also the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. If you would like to learn more about the church and its mission, please click here.

Where can I learn more about Anglican Christianity?

St. John’s is an Episcopal church, part of the global Anglican Communion. Click here to learn more about our tradition’s beliefs, types of worship, and practices.

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