Weekly Update | March 3, 2024

Early on during my time with you at St. John’s Cathedral, The Rev. Dr. Eric Law encouraged me to write a job description as your Interim Dean and Priest-In-Charge. At the top of the list was the pledge that I would not stay long-term unless we discern a mutual call together.

Friends, this has not changed; and we are not quite finished with our transitional work. All of you have done an amazing job at showing up, sharing what’s important to you, identifying our growing edges, and beginning to discern what the future might hold. You have also done an amazing job of finding the courage to speak your truth, and to listen to each other with open minds and hearts. We are on our way.

In response to mutual discernment, I have accepted the invitation to stay for another year while this good work continues under the leadership of lay leaders who will invite open and honest conversations and discernment. I am most grateful for your loving support along the way. I give special thanks to the dedicated staff of St. John’s and volunteers who make all things possible. I look forward to the year ahead.

With love and blessings,