Weekly Update | June 9, 2024

I am beyond grateful to the allies among us who are willing to walk, stand, and act on behalf of those for whom life is not always easy, equal, fair or just. Perhaps you have experienced the blessing of an ally at home, work, church, among friends, or by a new acquaintance or random stranger in the community? This gift of love is beautiful.

Anyone who has experienced discrimination on some level knows that it’s exhausting; speaking up is not always what one wants to do. But to do nothing gives away the power to affect positive change for the good and to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Allies act by showing up, saying yes, and giving of themselves to stand with their siblings.

This is true for my black and brown siblings, it’s true for women, and it’s true for the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s true for people with disabilities, it’s true for people living with illness and mental health conditions, it’s true for people living in poverty and all people who have experienced discrimination in any form. Allies show up and stand with, so to speak – sometimes we are called to walk.

This Sunday we may have over twenty parishioners who have said yes to walking in the Gay Pride Parade, some for the first time ever. What if we had thirty or forty people say yes? How amazing that would be!

Thank you for giving the gift of time and your commitment to express God’s love in a world desperately in need. Thank you for being an ally. Thank you for living boldly and claiming your faith as a follower of Jesus. Thank you for living your baptismal covenant to “love and respect the dignity of every human being” and to “strive for justice and peace among all people.”

Join us on Sunday at 10am. if you haven’t signed up already follow this link; there is still time to stand together.

Much love and blessings,