Weekly Update | May 19, 2024

A year ago the talented Joyce Swaving wrote a beautiful poem for Pentecost to be read at St. John’s Cathedral in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. In it she prays to God for the Holy Spirit to come. In it she names the gifts of the Spirit, and in it, is our hope.

Once again on the eve of Pentecost, we await this fire and wind that unites the people of God, giving life and love, and peace from within – in a world that continues to spin.

Lord God on this day of flames and wind,

Give us fire in our bellies and our hearts,

like a hot wok sizzling with chili oil.

Fan the flame in our soul,

when all seems to have spun out of control,

You, dear Lord , give us peace, the world cannot give.

Oh, your sweet harmony, like mango juice dripping down our throat.

Crying out, come Holy Spirit come.

With the robustness of curries, a balm for our worries,

your mighty wind blows, your vital breath flows, over us.

Come holy Spirit come, pour out your crimson splendor,

your radical abiding love, powerful yet tender,

as a dove

Your mighty message of hope, to help us cope, with our fear,

of being disconnected from you.

Oh Lord, you fulfilled your promise to never leave us,

ALONE on our own

Please come Holy Spirit, come.

As you refashion your people, from fear to boldness.

You hold us.

Dear dove, both tender, and strong we behold your splendor.

You have unleashed our lips to speak in one accord

Dear Lord, with tongues of fire and praise,

we raise our voices with power to speak the language of love.

Oh, Come Holy Spirit come.


                                                                                                                      ~Joyce Swaving

Join us this Sunday to celebrate Pentecost, the gifts of our Asian Pacific siblings, as we welcome new members of the Body of Christ through baptism, and mark another birth year in the life of the Church. Come, let us celebrate and rejoice.