Worship with Us

Worship with Us

The core of our life together.

Worship is the core of our entire life here at St. John’s. In particular the Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist, or the mass, is the central act of our community life. All that we do flows from this source.

In the Eucharist, we experience the presence of the Risen Jesus: through the Word of God in Scripture and in preaching, through the bread and wine of communion where Christ is truly and fully present, in the hearts of all our brothers and sisters around us, and in the beauty of music.

In this experience we receive the transforming love of God strengthening us to do our mission in the world.

Worship Schedule

Join us for a worship service.

The Anglican tradition, of which we are part, has developed certain emphases based on our history. Learn more about our heritage.

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Choirs & Music

Experience the sacred through the beauty of music.

The choirs of St. John’s Cathedral serve as ministers of worship in the leadership of our common spiritual life; inspiring and uplifting the prayers of our congregation – through music – to a closer communion with God.

Our music programs aspire to uphold the Christian values of prayer, community and service, and to model those values in life.

Discover Music

Beauty of worship

Music at St. John’s Cathedral is the aural rendering of the liturgy—one that transcends time, and seeks to draw us into a sense of awe and profound beauty.


Inspiration for daily spiritual life.

Our preaching starts from a biblical perspective and covers a wide array of spiritual and social justice issues.

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Life Events

Celebrate the Christian life at St. John’s.

Learn more about celebrating major parts of the Christian life—from baptism to marriage to funerals—at St. John’s.

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Online Worship

Find St. John’s services online.

Stay up to date with our new virtual streaming schedule.

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