Weekly Update | May 28, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Join us on Sunday for worship at 10 am for a grand celebration, or 8 am for a quieter meditative service – equally filled with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost!

We remember Pentecost being the day when the disciple gathered behind closed doors, when a rush of a violent wind set their hearts on fire with the Holy Spirit. Wind, Spirit, life is Ruach in Hebrew, the breath of God. On this day, people from every nation heard each other speaking in their native tongues, and they understood each other. Their lives were changed, and many were baptized giving birth to the Christian Church as followers of Jesus.

On this Sunday at St. John’s, we will also celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by hearing only a few of the 2,300 languages spoken in the 49 countries of

the continent of Asia. In this Cathedral are members from China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Thailand, among others – each having a native language. Many of us are first- or second-generation immigrants or descendants of people and languages worldwide.

You will hear readings, prayers, poetry and music to celebrate the gifts of Spirit; we will baptize and welcome two new members into the household of God; and we will rejoice in the diversity of our church as demonstrated by the two colorful quilts that include many of you.

Our service will open with a beautiful poem written for St. John’s by Joyce Swaving, a member of St. George’s and team member of The Gathering. Then during communion, the gifted Dustin Seo & Jaewon Ahn, will perform a cello duo written by Niall Tara Ferguson, titles “Mikan no Omoide” / “Incomplete Memory.” The composition is about his experience as an Asian American and connection to Little Tokyo. We will hear the third movement, titled “soak to the bone.” Seo is the leader of Laos Chamber Music, a member of Church of our Saviour in San Gabriel, and a team member of The Gathering.  

With us will be two fabulous Candidates for Holy Orders to the Transitional Diaconate, Mel Soriano, and Joshua Wong.  Special thanks go to Jenny Goto for her guidance, support and introductions to these talented and lovely people, along with my sincere gratitude to Hamilton, Yoon Woo, Jessica, Seongwon and everyone who helped along the way.

Lastly, we owe much gratitude to Canon Earl Mounger for his vision, dedication, and generosity of time, resources and spirit for the gorgeous quilts that he has created over the past 12 years, with many of you. These quilts exemplify the beautiful diversity of the people of this Cathedral family, and your legacy in this parish home and beyond. We hope to see you on Sunday.