Weekly Update | March 26, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for the warm welcome as your Interim Dean and Priest in Charge. Worship last Sunday was glorious for so many reasons. First, many of you showed up for Sunday services despite the LA Marathon closing streets citywide. The experience of a full church gathered in prayer and song, and to be fed, fills the heart of this priest, as we are called together.

The music was divine as you might expect, and your cathedral home glorifies God in both grand and intimate ways. I give special thanks to all of you who serve St. John’s in a variety of capacities – at the altar, as ushers, behind the scenes, as staff, as volunteers, as members reaching in and out beyond the walls of this community to feed our neighbors. While there are too many people to name, we know who you are, as does God. Thank you, dear ones for your faithful service.

I do wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Senior Warden Erik Knutzen, for his incredible support as well as past and present Wardens Michael Tracy and Aveline Kimbell, and the entire Vestry for their gracious welcome during this time of transition and helping me to settled in.

After Easter, we would like to host a grand thank you reception to express our gratitude to everyone who serves in ministry on behalf of St. John’s, and to invite anyone who would like to join us in leadership to attend. Please stay tuned for more details come.

Lastly, I wish to thank the dedicated and talented staff and clergy of St. John’s for everything they do, all the time. Ada and her family, Kelsey, Kyle, Zach, Chris, Stephen, Deacon Margaret, and Mother Lyn. We have a wonderful leadership team. I give thanks to Bishop John Taylor for this opportunity, and his Diocesan Staff for their ministries and support.

Together, let us have a joyful year as we discern where the Spirit leads, with Jesus ever present, thanks be to God.