Weekly Update | June 25, 2023

There is no easy way to say this: I am indeed different from your past Deans.

This may be a difficult, stressful, upsetting time for some of you, especially those in leadership. Even if I could walk in the Dean’s shoes, I can’t because my feet are a different size. Among the differences, I have a different leadership style which is a reflection of who I am, what I have learned along the way, and my understanding of Jesus’ teachings.

I do not consider myself a Father, nor Mother of the Church. I am a follower of Jesus with all

of you, and together we have the gifts and talents needed to live fully into God’s call of us. Moreover, since we are a beautifully diverse group of different experiences, beliefs, personalities, traditions, cultures, roles, understanding, and insights among other differences, we will not always agree.

When this happens, it is essential that we commit ourselves openly to working together, sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences; and offering our time and talents. This will often require us to consider multiple perspectives and different ways of being.

As someone called into leadership as your Interim Dean, this is my responsibility which is the very reason that I was asked to be here with you, versus having you take the lead with the selection process. I know it’s hard; and, I believe with heart and soul in collaborative leadership. I believe we need each other to discern how and where God is calling us forward.

Your vestry was charged with carrying on after your former Deans left, in the same way I gave my last vestry the charge to do so as well. We want good work that began in us to continue, in the ways we felt were best and without change. I understand. This said, sometimes change is necessary for the spiritual health and well-being of the church, and to satisfy canonical guidelines.

There is no easy way to say this: several members on the vestry have resigned, and soon we will need to elect/appoint a few new members.

First, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to each and every member who has served. They have been faithful and generous in their servant leadership, and they have struggled with the change that has already occurred. I support their decisions to step down, and hope we can celebrate their ministries among us with glad hearts and thanksgiving. I pray that they will stay among us.

We will be seeking parish leaders who are excited to work with me and the vestry to do the work we are called to do. To learn what has been done in the past, to carry the best of the past forward, to be open to new ideas, to discern what needs time and attention, to learn new ways, and to abide by the teachings of Jesus, always. If you feel called to serve, please let me know.

After three months, thank you for your warm welcome, understanding and support. I look forward to continuing this journey together.

With love and blessings,