Weekly Update | June 11, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Word is trickling out the St. John’s principal service on Sunday will be at 8am! Please join us. Wake early, roll out of bed, don’t shower, come in comfortable clothes, sing, pray, and celebrate the love of God. By simply joining us at 8am, you will express your love for all of God’s people. If you would like to walk with us/ or ride in the LA Pride, we will leave after the service and YOU will get a free St. John’s t-shirt and have lots of fun.

I will say that the parade is not for everyone, even if you love us and our LGBTQIA siblings. Truth be told, for years I struggled with the free expression and sassiness of the LGBTQ community, especially if you wished to quiet or closet our full expression of life and love. Since then, I have come to appreciate the strength and courage it takes to be your true, authentic self, created in the image of God. This does not mean I am fully comfortable with it all; but, at this moment in history, I stand boldly with my LGBTQIA sibs for equal human rights, respect, and love.

I know, there is nothing like a last-minute change when attending church at your regular time is comforting. When it was not clear how to support the Episcopal Diocese of LA’s participation in LA Pride and carry on with church, I decided to give all of you the power to make this decision. I am grateful to everyone who voted. Of those who acted, 83% voted to combine services. While it is true that the vast majority did not vote, if one does not act on one’s beliefs, it doesn’t count or matter. We are called to live our faith with love, and you matter greatly.

I am pleased that parishioners also spoke up about their care and willingness to participate in the process to call your next Dean. Thank you! Your voices, cares and concerns, dreams and visions matter greatly when it comes to the future of St. John’s and discerning together how God is calling us. I am honored to journey with you. The future of St. John’s is very bright and full of possibilities. In the meantime, there is love to share in this world of ours, and I hope you will join us on Sunday. Please sign up TODAY, if you wish to walk with us in the parade.

There will also be a simple spoken service at 10am (similar to the 8am service most Sundays) with Fr. James Lee Walker, who will celebrate his 50th year of ordained ministry.

Much love and blessings,

Anne Sawyer