Weekly Update | July 9, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Amanda & Hamilton have given birth to Serafina! Valeria, Margaret, Judy are among the beloved members and family who have died. Seong and Eric were married! We have had members baptized and received into the household of God, and members who have reaffirmed their baptismal vows. New and old friends have become new members; a few cherished members are away for now; and Eric, Luisa, and Luis are among members who have transferred their memberships to St. John’s. Mel became our transitional deacon too!

In the blink of an eye, all of these transitions have happened in the life of our Cathedral parish in a few short months. I could go on, though I suspect that you get the idea. In the midst of it all, life has unfolded in ways that are expected, unexpected and beyond imagination.

I am grateful to all of you who have gathered over the past couple weeks to learn more about recent changes in leadership, and this time of discernment. It is essential that we continue talking about topics that matter, seeking to hear and understand each other, and being open to how God is calling us forward. Please know you are essential to the process. Let us laugh, love, pray and dream about all the possibilities that exist.

I hope to meet with the vestry again toward the end of the month, and with the parish shortly thereafter. In the meantime, join us at church, volunteer to serve and lead, give what you can, and care for each other. Enjoy each day – all summer long.


Anne Sawyer

Interim Dean & Priest-in-Charge