Weekly Update | August 27, 2023

Dear Friends,

Heads and hearts are full with gratitude for joyful happenings at St. John’s Cathedral LA.

The joy was palpable of those who gathered last week for church in the midst of a tropical storm and who celebrated Deacon Margaret’s 80th Birthday. It was as if we came in out of the storm to be with God and with one another. In the midst of the winds of life while gentle and big drops rained down, we were the church. For members who stayed home to be safe, please know you were with us in spirit and we were grateful you could join us online.

Another joy of ‘being church’ unfolded as well. As the restful days of summer are growing short, opportunities to meet new friends and join fellow members of St. John’s in ministry are abundant. Committees old and new are welcoming new members and taking shape. Below is the short list of committees and leaders in response to the needs of the church and in hearing you. It is with heartfelt gratitude, I give thanks to these members for their leadership.

Building & Grounds – Arnie Ree & Hamilton Yang

Finance – Jason Malone

Stewardship – Rosalind Vernon

Children & Families – Roma Murphy & Seong Choi

Building Development – Lurelean Gaines

On these committees are many gifted members of our parish, who are eager to work with all of you. If you have any interest in joining us, please say the word.

Additionally, there is the large umbrella of a committee, Parish Life, that offers numerous ways to be involved (more on that soon); as well as a team that has been formed to work on visioning. Building Development is the only committee that is a select group of people representing the diocese, vestry and parish, with a few consultants to guide us in making wise decisions.

The longing for the adult children of St. John’s with their children to return was a sentiment expressed clearly by long-standing members during our recent open vestry meeting. In response, Roma Murphy was one inspired to shift gears to commit her time and talents, along with Seong Choi, with the dream of gathering young people of all ages to make something special happen. Stay tuned to learn more.

We are the church, dear people of God. Whatever we would like to see and make happen, we can do together. All it takes is us working together – with God’s grace and love leading the way.

May God bless us and keep us, always,

Anne Sawyer

Interim Dean & Priest-in-Charge