Weekly Update | August 20, 2023

Dear Friends In Christ,

In life there is always yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sometimes we dwell psychologically in one place, but as we know all too well, time moves forward whether we are ready or not. This transition is happening all the time. When we awake to this reality, an appreciation for all the many blessings of life becomes a way of being.

Last week after the 10am service, more members than expected stayed for a vestry meeting. With glad hearts, the Vestry elected four new members, and elected three new Officers to serve God in this Cathedral. Elected to the Vestry are: Arcadio Morales, Nazario Palma, Ruby Sylvestre, and Rosalind Vernon. Elected as Officers are: Arnie Ree, Junior Warden; Jason Malone, Treasurer; and Hamilton Yang, Secretary. In addition, Luisa Bonillas was appointed as Assistant Clerk.

Please join us in extending our most sincere gratitude to these members of our parish for

their willingness to lead through service. I give heartfelt thanks to our Senior Warden, Canon Lurelean Gaines, for her guidance, loving support and wisdom along the way.

This Sunday, we will celebrate Deacon Margaret on her 80th Birthday. Deacon Margaret will bless and inspire us through her preaching at both the 8am & 10am services. After which, we will offer our abiding gratitude for her life and faithful ministry among us. Deacon Margaret is a true inspiration to all of us, as she continues to live fully into God’s dream. Let us show forth our love and appreciation for Deacon Margaret on her special day.

Tomorrow is on the horizon. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in ministry with all of you. I am excited to hear your hopes and dreams, as we discern how God is calling us forward and into lifegiving and loving relationships with each other and all creation. May it be so.
Much love and blessings,

Anne Sawyer

Interim Dean & Priest-in-Charge