Stewardship: Every Perfect Gift

For many of us the words from the hymn we call the doxology ring in our minds with the mention of the first line – praise God from whom all blessings flow; the words may be too familiar. How often do we remember that all our blessings come from the hand of God? The Letter of James takes it to another level “every generous act of giving with every perfect gift” comes from our loving Father. In other words, even the gifts we give from a generous heart express the goodness and kindness of God who is generous through us!

The image we use in our stewardship program this year depicts a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, a sign of all the potential released through the generosity we give and receive. Gifts that come from the heart bear fruit and give life beyond the gift itself. This is especially true of the time, talent, and treasure we share in the ministry of St. John’s. Our gifts unlock the potential for God to work through the ministries they enable in our church and in the world around us.

We are emerging from a chrysalis moment right now. We have spent over a year and a half in a time of enclosure and now we aren’t sure what new life will emerge for the future. This coming year will be a time of new possibility, of trying new things while still standing on our foundations.

The gifts you share will bear fruit into the future. Our new possibilities are limited only by our imagination and generosity. We ask and encourage everyone to step out, to emerge from the chrysalis to make a generous act of giving. When it comes from a full and abundant heart, it will be a perfect gift. Please make a prayer-filled decision to click the link at the top of this letter and offer your pledge today.

Alternatively, you can click here to download a pledge card and submit the completed form to our church office.


Fr. Mark R. Kowalewski

Dean and Rector                          

Fr. Daniel Ade

Dean and Rector

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