Online Lenten Resources

During Lent, in addition to the various opportunities for prayer and study at St. John's, check out these other online offerings:

The Society of St. John the Evangelist

The Society of St. John the Evangelist, a religious order in the Episcopal Church, offers brief daily meditations for their monastery in Cambridge Massachusetts.. Sign up to have them delivered to your email inbox:

Lent Madness

For several years, The Rev. Tim Schenck and The Rev. Scott Gunn have provided a Lenten experience focusing on the saints of the Church.In collaboration with Forward Movement (the folks who bring is Forward Day by Day) it's a fun way to learn about heroes of faith, based on the March Madness idea, brackets of saints are presented for a vote each day as matchups lead eventually to awarding the "Golden Halo" to the annual winner. Sign up and vote for your favorite every day:

Stations of the Cross by Busted Halo

While we will present Stations of the cross digitally on Lenten Fridays, here's another contemporary digital version with meditations on Jesus journey and the challenges of living in the Reign of God from Busted Halo productions, from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco:

Embracing Justice by Isabelle Hamley

Every year the Archbishop of Canterbury suggests a Lenten Book to be read by Anglicans across the global communion. This year's pick is Embracing Justice, by Isabelle Hamley.

Journey to Justice: A Daily Lenten Exercise

Find a diocesan resource, Journey to Justice: A Daily Lenten Exercise to explore the connections of meditation and action for justice.

We hope these and all the in-house resources for this year will help as you grow in grace on this year's Lenten journey.