Deans' Note October 17, 2021

We are planning another step forward into our new life at St. John's anticipating the Baptism of a one year old child in November. What a day that will be, not only for the parents as they finally gather family and friends to mark this day for which they have been waiting, but for the whole community of Christ at St. John's as well.

This will be a symbolic event in many ways. While we had a Baptism and confirmations, and receptions in June, we have not yet baptized a child because of the risk of Covid transmission. Now, with our vaccine and mask mandate and the declining caseload, the parents of this child finally feel comfortable enough to take this next step -- a step we all are taking with them.

The baptism of a child always is a symbol of new life and hope, even more so at this time. We look at our children as receiving from us the gift of faith. They bring joy and possibility into our community as we emerge from this time of trauma and death. All baptisms are signs of new life in that the newly baptized person is delivered from the power of darkness and into the Kingdom of God as St. Paul tells us. So as new creation people in this time, we leave despair and hopelessness behind and we step forward into the light of God's promise.

Finally, when we gather to claim this child as Christ's own forever, we will renew the vows of our own baptism. In doing so we are taking a step forward to re-emerge as Christ's body in the world. We take a stand in faith to move forward to do the work God has given us to do, to love and serve as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord. That's who we are fundamentally as God's beloved children. Let's get to work.