Deans' Note May 9, 2021

The poet Antonio Machado writes: "Traveler, there is no path.

The path is made by walking." As we continue on this pathway into a new time emerging from our Covid confinements, Machado's words seem true for us as we forge a new way. Of course, the poet meant that the course of our lives is made by walking. There is no pre-set plan. As Christians, we follow Jesus and we make the path by walking with him. So our current time only demonstrates the truth of these words. We are never sure where the path will lead with certainty. As in life, we go a step at a time, we make the path by walking.

This weekend we take another step forward. Mothers Day at St. John's has always been a key celebration in our community life. In particular we have always emphasized the expansive ways women can express mothering roles as nurturers and mentors. So this year, as we take another step, we encourage women who seek to celebrate this day to join us in person if they feel comfortable doing so, or if not continue to join us for our new live-streamed services. We will have special prayers and a blessing for all women who see mothering as part of their ministry in Christ. We also will link this role with that of Mary, the mother of all Christians as we honor her during this month of May.

Sunday evening we take a step forward by celebrating the first in-person Compline service at 7:00 pm (note the time change). While we will continue to live-stream this service, we invite everyone to come in person. The new time may make it more convenient for more folks as well. Compline is such a beautiful and meditative service, especially in the rich resonance of the cathedral acoustics. The live stream broadcast can't fully capture the experience of physical presence.

So as we take further steps this week, we continue to make the path by walking. Our Good Shepherd leads us forward, and may he continue to lead us in paths of truth and grace.