Deans' Note May 15, 2022

Next Sunday, we return to our weekly Christian Education program. We will begin exploring the wisdom of the early church with three sessions on how our ancestors in the faith grappled with the problems of their own day, proclaimed the Gospel and went from a tiny group of Jesus followers to a movement that changed the known world. In our secularized age, how can we learn from their experience? We live in a culture where Christianity is no longer the majority religion. We need to think outside our normal boxes and re mission the Church in our age. How can we go out into the world proclaiming the message of the Gospel? Our ancestors can show us the way.

The first two weeks of our class, Fr. Bertie Pearson will join us. He already is bringing the wisdom of the early Church to the world through his Church history podcast -- that's where we discovered him. Fr. Bertie is a great teacher, funny and thoughtful. I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity not simply to learn something about history, but about how the Spirit is moving through us out into the world.