Deans' Note June 06, 2021

This Sunday will be another step in our return to life in community at St. John's. We welcome Bishop Frank Brookhart who will preside over initiating new people into the life of the Church through Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception. We haven't done this since 2019. So we invite you to come in person to worship this Sunday for this festive day.

It's also the Feast of Corpus Christi, or the Day when we celebrate the gift our Lord gave us in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus -- God in the flesh, provides us with the means of continuing to meet him in the flesh and blood of Holy communion, a real and physical presence for us to share with one another in person. The Eucharist is primarily meant to be a sacrament where we met Jesus and one another in flesh and blood.

Sunday will also be a transition day. It's typically the last Sunday of our program year and we begin our summer celebrations starting next week and we look forward to coming back in the fall in full swing. At the same time, a new start will provide us an opportunity to rethink our Sunday schedule and other elements of our life together, so the fall may bring some new ideas, We will bring you more on that in future weeks.

For this week, we reflect on the gift of bodily presence, both in our ability to gather again in person as Christ's living body, and the bodily presence of our Lord sacramentally. If we haven't seen you back in person at St. John's yet, we look forward to seeing you soon. We hope you will be able to join us this Sunday as we welcome new members not only into our congregation but into the life of the Church.