Deans' Note December 26, 2021

As we begin our celebration of Christmas, Covid has taken another turn with the Omicron variant moving through the population. Those of us who have been vaccinated and boosted have a great degree of protection. Though there are breakthrough cases, most of these are not severe. We still will have our in person celebration of Christmas at St. John's, but will add some additional precautions in an effort to keep us all safe.

The 5:00 pm Family Carol service will go on as planned, but we will not have the children's party afterwards as previously scheduled. Instead, we will prepare packages of goodies for all children in attendance to take with them. We encourage all unvaccinated children not to attend, but leave this decision with parents.

At 10:00 pm, the Solemn mass will still have the music and festive celebration as planned but we will add some social distancing in the nave. There will be no reception, but everyone will be given a small package of hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and eggnog to go, to take with them on their way.

The Christmas morning service will go on as planned.

Of course, as has been our protocol, vaccination status will be checked before entering and everyone will need to wear a mask. We also strongly encourage everyone to get their booster shot if you haven't already. Boosters make a big difference in protecting us against Omicron.

As always, both these Christmas Eve services will be live streamed and we encourage anyone who does not wish to attend or cannot attend in person to be present digitally. We look forward to sharing Christmas with you all.

A blessed Christmas to each and all of you. Know that you will be in our prayers at mass on this most holy night.

Fr. Dan and Fr. Mark