Deans' Note August 7, 2022

As many of you know, the Bishops of the Anglican Communion meet every 10 years in Canterbury England for the Lambeth Conference. The meeting was delayed from 2020 because of COVID, but they are meeting now through the 8th of August. Much media attention has focused on the potential for controversy and infighting among bishops from conservative provinces versus those from liberal ones concerning issues of human sexuality and same-sex marriage. Despite these predictions, the conference has been infused by the work of the Holy Spirit. Everyone has not suddenly changed their minds, and differences have not been put aside, but there is a new willingness to walk alongside one another in the midst of differences, to observe our Lord’s invitation in John’s Gospel to love one another as Jesus loves us. That is the ground of relationship, and because it is, bishops, dioceses, and provinces can work together to advance the work of the kingdom on issues like the climate crisis, and global justice.