St. John's Cathedral Covid-19 Protocol Update | January 2022

St. John's Cathedral Covid-19 Protocol Update

Once again, the Covid-19 omicron variant challenges us as new cases in our city and county rise exponentially. As a result, the following protocols will be in place for the next two Sundays, January 2nd and 9th. We will re-evaluate this policy as we continue to monitor the case numbers in the next two weeks.

  • The 8:00 mass will be canceled.
  • The 10:00 mass will continue with in-person worship, but we strongly encourage everyone to participate digitally. No coffee hour.
  • Participants must wear a protective face mask covering nose and mouth at all times. Please see CDC guidelines, or choose an N95 or KN95 disposable mask.
  • For those worshiping in-person, we continue our mandatory vaccination policy and for the next two weeks strongly encourage a booster shot. Please do not bring unvaccinated children to church.
  • As of Sunday January 16 booster shots will be required.
  • The New Year's brunch, scheduled for January 9 will be canceled.
  • Compline will follow the same protocol as the morning service and no reception following

Of course, this is a disappointing development, but despite the high number of cases, symptoms seem less severe and hospitalizations less with this new variant, especially for those who are vaccinated and boosted. We respond as a community of faith in the larger community of our city and county. Cautious responses continue to be a physical expression of loving our neighbors.