Christmas Letter

People, look east. The time is near

Of the crowning of the year.

Make your house fair as you are able,

Trim the hearth and set the table.

People, look east and sing today:

Love, the guest, is on the way.

Dear St. John’s Family:

Eleanor Farjeon’s poem reminds us that Advent is a spiritual preparation for Christmas which includes making our homes fair as we are able for the celebration – that is true also of our church home.

We invite you to find it in your hearts to give something extra to God’s work at St. John’s thisChristmas. Think of the music, the candles, the smells and the sights of our Church adorned to proclaim the birth of our Savior into the world. We hope you will join us in opening your heart and hands to welcome all guests who will visit us because when we welcome the seeker and stranger, we are welcoming Christ himself.