Weekly Update | October 16, 2022

Upcoming Services

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Said Mass at 8:00 am | In-Person only

Choral Mass at 10:00 am | In-person & online.

The Right Reverend Edward S. Little, Bishop of Northern Indiana, (Resigned) will be our guest homilist this Sunday. When attending USC as a student Bishop Little would often worship at St. John's Cathedral.

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10 AM Service Leaflet

Christian Education

"Practicing the Presence"

Begins Sunday, October 16 after the 10 am service

Why do we come to church? Why do we pray? What are we hoping for? The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to love and serve God and to be one with God forever. This spiritual journey we are on can lead to what some of the great spiritual leaders through the ages call practicing the Presence. It is possible to actually experience God’s Presence with us and in us.

This four week series will explore a way to practice the Presence that fits into the very busy lives we all lead. (We do not have to join a convent or a monastery to experience God’s Presence on a regular basis.) We will also look at how we can fully offer ourselves to God, what effect gratitude has on our relationship with God, and how we can experience hope in these challenging times.

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