Weekly Update | November 06, 2022

Stewardship Season

The cathedral has entered an important period of transition and change. Deans Mark and Dan have moved on to the next chapter of their lives, and that, in turn, initiates our move into a different sort of reality, one involving uncertainty and a degree of feat and risk.
But, in fact, we are just where Jesus wants us to be. He calls us in and through our current circumstance to trust his guidance and mercy and to look to the future with resurrectional eyes. As baptized persons we live the Paschal Mystery, that is, the fact that the one who died and rose again will always bring us to a place of light and life. Ponder this: the future of the cathedral, then, will be blessed by the Risen Lord.
During this time when we are considering our pledge to the cathedral, Jesus asks us to trust that your financial investment in the future of the cathedral in the coming year will both be a part of his blessing to you and a faithful support to his mission carried out by all of us in the cathedral community. Your pledge, then, is an act of trust in the Author of our salvation and in his presence and work in and through our parish community.
Please be filled with prayer and generosity as you make your 2023 pledge.
Bishop Frank

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