Weekly Update | May 21, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

This Sunday after services at 8am and 10am, the Vestry of St. John’s Cathedral will be hosting a festive coffee hour in thanksgiving and with gratitude for the members of our church who give of their time serving nearly every week in preparation for Sunday worship, during services, and on behalf of the church regularly online and in service to our neighbors.

Please join us in extending our heartfelt thanks to all who serve faithfully. If you have seen someone in service, please share your appreciation and give thanks.

As a symbol of our collective gratitude, we would also like to extend the opportunity for these members to be included in the quilt project, which now has been underway for over 12 years. Canon Earl Mounger, who serves from his home, explained recently that these quilts are meant to acknowledge the presence and contributions of the people who have gathered at St. John’s, as the body of Christ, in this place and time.

While it is unlikely that the quilts will include everyone, both by choice and by sheer number, our invitation to include the members who are serving, and hopefully will continue to serve is one of thanksgiving. If you are being honored this year, please complete the form necessary to be included – if you so wish, as our gift.

We are also aware that many of you have served in numerous positions of leadership in the past, and continue to give graciously in countless ways. You are not forgotten; in fact, it is on the foundation that you helped to create we stand. You are essential to the life and love of this Cathedral parish. Thank you, dear people of God.

On Sunday, there will be sign-up sheets for all old and new members of St. John’s who would like to serve in the future. Please give some thought and prayer to how you are being called to share your many gifts and talents at St. John’s. Our future is bright together.

Everyone is invited to be part of these glorious quilts. Extra forms will be available on Sunday to participate, and the cost of a square is $25. Financial support is available for anyone who would like to be included and for whom the cost of a square is not possible. Just say the word to your clergy or staff.

We hope to see you Sunday. Join us in giving thanks for the opportunity to serve God, and giving thanks to all of you who make all things possible, all the time. A special shout out to our Vestry for giving of themselves, and hosting this lovely gathering. I am truly honored to serve with you.

Anne Sawyer

Interim Dean & Priest-in-Charge