Weekly Update | March 12, 2023

A Letter from Mo. Anne Sawyer | March 12, 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings! I am so looking forward to our time together at St. John’s Cathedral, meeting all of you and hearing your stories. I am your Interim Dean and the Priest in Charge for the upcoming year. During this time, the diocese will work with your vestry and search committee to call your next Dean who will be with you longer term.

Transitions are not always easy. They can be challenging, exciting, and joyful. By their very nature, they call us to say goodbye to what has been in order to welcome something new -- something that has yet to be born, that is not known because it can’t be.

I am grateful for the opportunity to journey with you. Your willingness to participate, to share, to listen, to mourn, to laugh, to dream, to love, and to act will all be part of the process.

Your voice, thoughts and feelings matter greatly. I am eager to worship with you in our sacred Cathedral that we call home.

As we move through Lent this year, let us hold onto the image of a river or the ocean. Both bodies of water have been in motion for decades and generations.  Yet, our experiences of these waters are never quite the same as they were a time ago, whether that be a month or a year; nor can they be, even if they look and feel the same and they are as beautiful as ever.

Be not afraid. Time moves us forward, not back. I hope and pray we are not the same as we were a year ago. We will learn to carry the best of the past with us as we welcome and embrace new possibilities to serve God and God’ s people in this place, in our communities and in the world. God is with us, through this season and the ones to come.

With love and blessings,