Newsletter Summer 2022

As we come to the final months of our ministry at St. John's, we wanted to give you an update and the details for the months ahead. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to be your priests and pastors over these many years and look forward to these final months serving you.

Our last regular Sunday will be August 28. Starting September 1, we will begin vacation, sabbatical and study leave through the end of January 2023. We will return for one final Sunday, November 20, the Feast of Christ the King and the end of the liturgical year. It seems fitting that we formally end our ministry on that day and celebrate the service of leave-taking from a congregation.

While we remain officially the Co-Deans of the Cathedral during this time, we have arranged for Bishop Frank Brookhart to be the interim Bishop in Charge until the end of January. Many of you know Bishop Brookhart from his visits to the Cathedral, he has taught some classes here and was the bishop who confirmed and received our 2020/21 confirmation class as we moved out of the pandemic. He has been a member of our neighboring congregation, St. James in the City since his retirement as Bishop of Montana. We believe he is an excellent choice to guide St. John's during this initial period of transition.

While some initial work towards visioning for the future will take place through the end of the year, the Vestry will engage with all of you in the work of discerning who will come as your new Dean and Rector in the new year. This will be a time of transition and change. Change is always uncomfortable, but this will also be a time of hope and looking forward. We are confident God will lead you into a bright future.