Deans' Note January 02, 2022

As we reflect on the challenges we have faced in 2021, we can come to this new year with hope. On New Year's Day, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. A name that means God rescues. As Christians, we know that God has come among us in the flesh, in Jesus. The faith we have in God as our rescuer is a foundation we can depend on even as we begin this new year with Covid still with us. What gives us hope is that we are all in this together and God is with us as we walk through the door of this new year of possibility. So as we begin this new year. We wish you a blessed New Year. Please pray with us this prayer for the new year.

Oh, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose years never fail and whose mercies are new each returning day: let the radiance of your Spirit renew our lives, warming our hearts and giving light to our minds, that we may pass into the new year in joyful obedience and firm faith; through him who is the beginning and the end, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.