Liturgical Guild

The St. John's Liturgical guild is a ministry in which members participate in creating worship space that is reverent and meaningful for the context of the liturgy.  It is made up of acolytes, lay Eucharistic ministers, thurifers, masters of ceremony, and sub-deacons.  Although there are a variety of roles, each individual one contributes in its own way to the worship experience of the community.

Acolytes bear the torches which light the way for the cross and gospel book in the processions, they distribute offering plates to the ushers during the offertory, help set the Table for Holy Communion, and much more.  Lay Eucharistic ministers in turn, serve wine to communicants during the celebration of the Eucharist, while the Thurifer swings incense at appropriate times during the liturgy, the sub-Deacon assists the celebrant of the Mass, and the Master of Ceremony ensures the smooth flow to the entirety of the service.

All of these roles are invaluable in creating a space where the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist can take place in a worshipful way.  The members of the Liturgical Guild are not removed from the worship experience, but are active participants in it as they use their gifts as an offering to God and the community.