Advent's Coming

I love the seasons of the church year. Always have. And I have been fascinated by them as a source of interior growth. I’m always asking “What can we learn from the seasons of the church year that can help us grow spiritually?” For instance, Lent is a season when we look deeply at the theme of the wilderness. We hear readings of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. But it’s also a time when we can try to learn ways through those wildernesses in our lives, those times when we feel dry spiritually, we feel distant from our God, or are tempted away from our own core beliefs.

In my Advent presentation, I am going to suggest things we might learn spiritually from the season of Advent. I’m going to share with you some examples of how we might apply what we learn to our own spiritual lives. So, I invite you to come to Evening Prayer, followed by supper and my mini Advent presentation. This will all take place in the sanctuary of St. John’s Cathedral on Tuesday, December 3, at 6:30 pm. Y’all come!


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