Finding Your Passion

Someone approached us after mass last Sunday and asked why, during this stewardship season, do we focus on financial giving rather than time and talent?

As Christ's body in the world we all have gifts to build up one another and to share with the world around us. Giving of our time and our talents to our church community and to the broader world are fundamental to our life as disciples. Throughout the year we often invite members of our community to help with continuing old ministries and starting new programs.

If we know a member of our community has a particular passion or skill in an area, we specifically invite them to participate. Often though, we may not know which of these ministries might inspire you and we ask you to join in when those invitations are offered. There is always way more work to be done than folks to do it, and maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you to become more involved in the life of our Cathedral community. Being a disciple does not mean just showing up on Sundays, it means joining in the work yourself

At the same time, the question this person raised may also reflect an uncomfortability we all have concerning talk about money. As Bishop Brookhart said in his lunch talks; money in our culture is private, and too often we think of money as our private possession. Yet, as the bishop reminded us, everything we have is not ultimately ours, but is a gift from the hand of God given to us as stewards. If we are disciples of Jesus, then everything we have-- our time, our talents, and our money-- are meant to build up God's kingdom. Of course, our resources should be used to provide for us and our families, but also Jesus asks us to share out of our abundance.

So, money is an integral part of our stewardship. We have to have it in our society to do ministry. It's that simple. And it’s important to talk about sharing our money as part of what it means to follow Jesus. And it's also part of our work as disciples to share our time and our talent. There are plenty of things for you to be involved with. Think of one thing you might do and come be a part of that ministry at St. John's. During this season of stewardship, let's be all in. The work of God's Kingdom needs you and all of us to invest our time, our talent, and yes, even our money for the success of the mission of Jesus Christ. Let's all shine our light.

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