Limited Time to Shine

During this month of November, we at St. John's are thinking about how we make use of all we have been given -- our resources of time, our many talents, and our finances. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a full-time job. The way we spend all our resources reflects our values and what we value. Our calendar, our charge statements, our work and leisure time are all elements we can use to evaluate our spiritual lives.

It's a spiritual practice to take stock of all these things, especially in this month when we remembered those who we have loved who have gone on before us. It makes us also remember that life is short, and we have limited time to shine our light in the world. What we do today with all our resources matters because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. How will you make decisions that will make your life a blessing to those around you, your family, your neighbors, your church community?

During this month we specifically invite you to think about the proportion of your finances you give to St. John's, but also invite you to think about how you can share your time and talents with your brothers and sisters so that St. John's can shine the light of Christ more clearly in our community. We would love to make a bigger impact for Christ through the life of our cathedral community. We can do that with your help. All we have is a gift from the hand of our creator. We pray that we will each reflect God's love through our open hands and generous hearts to give back to our Lord's work from the many gifts with which we have been entrusted.

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