Thinking Christian(ly)

This Sunday we return to our weekly Adult Christian Formation Forums at St. John's. Our overarching theme is Thinking Christian(ly). We will look at how contemporary images of Christianity in our culture have been co-opted by the religious right, and more importantly, how we can renew and re-imagine what it means to be a Christian in 21st Century America and how our minds can be shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thoughtful Christians who are neither fundamentalist nor socially conservative have a powerful story to tell. We are part of an ancient way of spiritual wisdom and have a vision of a living Lord who invites everyone into abundant life.

We will start out looking at how we use the Bible. There are many assumptions we come with when we engage in Bible study that we often don't examine. What is the Bible? Is it a tool or a weapon? How does the Bible impact the way we live our lives? These are some of the first questions we will ask about this book that is so crucial in defining who we are as followers of Jesus. Join us this week at 9:15 a.m. We look forward to struggling with these questions of faith and seeing where our Lord is leading us into the future.

The Adult Christian Education forums will be held in the OneLA conference room next to the Parish Hall. Signs will direct you.

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