Voyage to Colossae at Adult VBS

Our Summer Sunday Celebrations will once again include an Adult Vacation Bible School. This year we will explore the Letter to the Colossians. One of the shortest books in the New Testament, this letter was written to an early Christian community in the City of Colossae and probably written by Paul. Who wrote this letter and why is still a subject of debate. The letter focuses on Jesus as Lord of the cosmos above all the powers of the world and empire, and it gives us some challenging moral instruction as to how we should live as citizens of God's Kingdom. It provides us hope for God's new world order even in the face of dark times -- not such a bad theme for our own day.

Since the letter is only four chapters long, we will be able to spend our time looking at it in depth over four weeks -- from July 14 through August 4, at the 9:00 a.m. study hour between our 8:00 and 10:00 masses. Let’s go on a voyage to ancient Colossae to uncover the world of some of the very first brothers and sisters who followed the same Lord Jesus as we do. It will be an exciting journey.

Date Chapter

July 14 1

July 21 2

July 28 3

Aug 4 4

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