Pentecost at St. John's

Pentecost at St. John’s

Sunday, June 9

The Feast of Pentecost is the day the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit -- the active presence of God giving life to Christians both individually and as the Body of Christ throughout the world. Jesus promised that even though he would no longer be with us physically, he would continue to be in our midst through the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is the culmination of the Season of Easter. It corresponds to the Jewish feast of the same name, also called Shavuot, a harvest festival of the first fruits of the wheat harvest. We too represent the "first fruits" of those called to be part of God's new creation.

To prepare for this major feast, the Church sets aside a time of prayer from Ascension Day, when we recall our Lord's being taken into heaven until Pentecost nine days later. During this "novena" or nine days of prayer, you may wish to use the pamphlet available on our welcome table to pray for open hearts and a renewal of the dynamic presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

This year we will celebrate at St. John's in many ways:

  • The service will include a recommissioning for mission in the world including the blessing of fire, reminiscent of the coming of the Spirit as tongues of flame on Pentecost.

  • You are invited to wear red-- the color of fire and the liturgical color for the Feast.

  • We will also celebrate baptism on this day.

  • We will bless our intercessory prayer ministers, praying for a renewal of the Holy Spirit's gifts of healing, counsel, and wisdom.

  • After the service we will continue the celebration with a Pentecost picnic. A taco truck will serve a festive lunch (tickets are $10 available on the day of the picnic).

Please see the other two events of special note also on Pentecost day:

Deacon Margaret McCauley is officially retiring! She has served this community in pastoral care, children’s ministry, social justice ministry, as well as on Sunday mornings. We will celebrate her ministry on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, at the 11:00 am service and present her with a gift from the congregation. If you would like to contribute to a retirement gift for her you may note this in the memo of a check, or make a donation through our online portal marking it as a gift for Deacon Margaret. Please give generously to honor her many years of generous service!

Girls Friendly Bake Sale: Two of our GFS members, Clover Brantner and Nya Thomas, will represent St. John's and the Diocese of Los Angeles at the Girls Friendly Society Assembly in Pennsylvania this summer. Our GFS chapter is planning to have a bake sale on Sunday, June 9th after the 11am Mass. There will be a variety of baked goods for purchase. If you are interested in pre-ordering a cake, please contact Sandra Smiley at 323-777-3575. Thank you for supporting our girls as they grow as children God, develop leadership skills, and become aware of their uniqueness.

Book Swap: June 9th! The Creation Guild is hosting a book exchange during the coffee hour on Sunday, June 9th. The theme is books about Spirit: books covering all aspects of religion and spirituality. So bring in books you’ve loved and want to share, as well as those you didn’t love so much and see if they can find a new home! Remember, you don’t have to bring a book to take a book. At the end of the coffee hour any leftover books will be collected for donation. Look for the book table set out in the garden.

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