Ancient Music for a New Generation

Excellence in music has been one of the central values in our Anglican tradition of worship. Part of our musical heritage has been training children in singing. This has been true in the great English cathedrals at least since the time of the Reformation. Generations of Anglicans gained their knowledge of the faith and their love of great music by learning and performing works of great composers in Evensong, or Matins, or Eucharist.

While the traditional programs for such training still exist in many places, there is a need to apply this Anglican musical ethos to new cultural settings in new places. It may not always look the same in every place, yet excellent education can still reach new generations.

We are excited about the start of St. John's Cathedral Choral Academy as we live into our great Anglican musical heritage in our time and place. Children of all backgrounds are invited to come to St. John's for this wonderful and free program. They will not only gain musical skills, learning how to sing and read music; they will also gain experience in performing, self-confidence and team building. Participants will have the opportunity to be part of our worshiping community for special services on Sunday morning and evensong. This Sunday, Mother’s Day, after the 11:00 mass we will have the opportunity to hear more about this program from Stephen Salts, the director of the program. Please come to hear more about it and please let people in your life know that this program is starting up this summer. It’s a great way to open our doors to our community and to share the love of Christ with all children who come to us.

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