Remembering who we are.

The stories in the beginning of the Book of Genesis tell us we're formed in the image of God, but we also know that the image is not what it used to be. We go off on our own way, like Adam, like Eve. We need to be re-formed, to become again who God originally hoped we would be. Re-membering, re-forming who we are is really the goal of our life as Christians. God seeks us out and invites us to remember we are divine image bearers, meant to reform the world and ourselves in the process.

Every year at St. John's we engage in an intentional time of rediscovery for anyone who feels the need to take some time and re-evaluate. We call it the Basic Christian Formation Program. For ten weeks we go on a journey together to go back to the basics of what it means to be created in God's image, to see that image best reflected in the face of Jesus, to recognize how we have forgotten who we are, and begin to reclaim our lost identity. Some of us at St. John's are new here. Some want to explore what it means to be part of this tradition we call the Episcopal Church.

Some of us want a fresh start on that path. For some this story might be new and you want to be baptized. Whoever you are, whatever your story, whatever your path, you are invited to come and join us for the next ten weeks starting Sunday, February 10 at 9:15. There's more information available HERE. It's a journey that could change your life.

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