Basic Episcopal Christian Formation Course, 2019

Traveling Home

Basic Episcopal Christian Formation Course, 2019


Fr. Mark Kowalewski – – 213.747.6285 – 213.500.1757

This ten-week course will help you engage questions of faith from a Christian perspective in the Anglican tradition. It also will provide you with opportunities to form relationships with fellow explorers on the same journey. Because we form a community of fellow spiritual travelers during this course, we ask you to commit to being part of all the sessions. Of course, we also understand life happens and it may be the case that you miss a session.

Required written resources:

A Bible – Any version is fine, but some versions are more difficult to read and understand than others. For example, while the Authorized Version, otherwise known as the King James translation is one of the most beautiful pieces of English literature, it may be difficult for us to understand the meaning it conveys since language changes over time. Two translation choices are recommended – the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), the translation we use in the readings at mass, and the primary translation used in the Episcopal Church, or the Common English Bible (CEB), a recent translation aimed at conveying a clearer meaning in everyday language.

Traveling Home: Tracking Your Way Through the Spiritual Wilderness, (TH) by Fr. Mark Kowalewski. This is the draft of a book not yet in print, but forthcoming this fall from Church Publishing. A draft version will be available electronically only for participants in this class. cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"




February 10

Introduction – The existence of God in a secular age

February 17

A Creator who has a dream

TH, ch. 1-2

Genesis 1-2

February 24

Wandering – the reality of human sin

TH, ch. 3

Genesis ch. 3-4:16

March 3

Formal enrollment in the program at 11:00 mass

God’s search – The people of Israel

TH ch. 4

Genesis 15, Exodus 20:1-21


10 am – 12 noon


March 10

Jesus’ journey

TH ch. 5

Mark ch. 1-8

March 17

Belief in the Risen Lord

TH ch. 6

Mark ch.9-16

March 24

Following Jesus

TH ch. 7

John 3:1-22; John 4:1-42

March 31

The Anglican way of being a Jesus follower Part 1

TH 8

Baptismal Questions and Covenant, Book of Common Prayer, pp.302-305

April 7

The Anglican way of being a Jesus follower Part 2

TH ch. 9-10

April 14

The Anglican way of being a Jesus follower part 3

April 14 through April 21

Holy Week and Easter

PLEASE ATTEND THE SPECIAL SERVICES THIS WEEK especially, Maundy Thursday at 7:00 pm (April 18) Formation group has a special role in the liturgy

And MOST IMPORTANTLY The Great Vigil of Easter April 20 at 8:00 pm


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