New Year's Eve in December!

Saturday is New Year's Eve! Well, maybe not on most calendars, but it is the start of the new church year. Advent looks forward to the coming of Christ into the world and also to his second coming in glory. The cycle of the year helps us to tell our story again. We remember that Jesus comes into the world to begin the work of God's Kingdom. That's the theme we have been thinking about in the past several weeks as our stewardship campaign focused on the first words of Jesus in Mark's Gospel; Jesus came into Galilee announcing God’s good news, saying, “Now is the right time! Here comes God’s Kingdom. Open your hearts, change your lives and believe the Good News!” (Mark 1:14b-15).

Jesus’ message of bringing God's Kingdom into the world is now the mission we the Church have to do in our day. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ means we dedicate out lives to that mission -- our time, our talent, and our financial resources to the work of Jesus in the world. A singularly important way Christians do this is through the work of the communities of faith to which we belong -- on the ground in our local congregations.

Saturday evening we are celebrating New Year's Eve with a dinner for our community of faith, St. John's. We hope you will be there. If you haven't signed up, there's still time [click here!]. This will be a time to celebrate with one another and to renew our commitment to the work of the Kingdom of God. How much of your time, talent, and treasure are you willing to share to help us, and to help Christ in his work in the world? There has never been a time like this one to open our hearts and lives to this message and this calling.

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