A Look Inside the Episcopal Church: On our Way to General Convention 2018

This Summer thousands of Episcopalians will converge on Austin, Texas for a Convention that meets once every three years. General Convention is the one time that the only decision making body of the Episcopal Church gathers to meet for nine days in July. What is the General Convention? How are decisions made in our Church? What's our structure? Who and what has authority? These are questions even seasoned Episcopalians have. Come join us at our Sunday Adult Christian Education Forum three Sundays -- June 10,17 and 24 at 9:15. Led by Fr. Mark Kowalewski

Session 1, June 10 --

What's the structure of the Episcopal Church ? What's the role of General Convention? Who has authority? How does this fit into the Anglican Communion?

Session 2, June 17 --

What's going on in Austin? Some highlights from the agenda of the 79th General Convention of teh Episcopal Church, and how it will effect our lives here at St. John's.

Session 3, June 24 --

General Conventions of the past. What are some of the significant things General Convention has decided in terms of teaching for the Church? What are some of the liturgical, ethical, and social positions the Church has taken and how do we live these out in our lives as Christians int he Episcopal tradition?

Resources to Explore:

Reports to the 79th General Convention, otherwise known as The Blue Book, contains all the reports and business of the General Convention available online at: generalconvention.org/bluebook2018

Welcome to the Episcopal Church: An Introduction to Its History, Faith, and Worship, Christopher L. Webber (1999). A good, short, accessible introduction to the Episcopal Church.

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