Dean's Note for March 4, 2018

Lent brings us renewed emphasis on prayer and fasting as spiritual practices turning us toward God through our interior lives. The third spiritual practice of Lent, alms- giving, is all about turning our eyes outward and meeting God there as well. In particular this week, two events at St. John's will help us in that practice. First, on Sunday after the 11:00 mass our Cathedral Food pantry sponsors an open house to showcase that ministry of service. We have been hearing a lot ion the broader media lately about the housing crisis in Los Angeles and the number of homeless people in our city.

Along with Laundry love, our Food Pantry is a way to help people who are on the financial edge to maintain their housing and their ability to make ends meet. While both these ministries also serve those who have no place to live, they are primarily directed to help the working poor. Please come to learn more about how you can make an impact in the lives of people in need through our Food Pantry Ministry.

Next Wednesday, March 2 after the Mass and Stations of the Cross, St. John's will provide a space for a broader conversation about our culture and the level of discourse in our society as we address contemporary social and political issues. Jackie Koppel will moderate a discussion between Fr. Mark and Michael Whitworth, a conservative Baptist pastor, as a way of demonstrating that we all need to be able to approach one another with grace if we are ever to address the difficult issues facing our society. In looking outside our own bubbles, we will see the face of Christ as well.

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