Dean's Note for 02.18.2018

This week we begin Lent. On Ash Wednesday many people form our community joined to make a holy start of this season and to make communal penance for the ways we have sinned in our lives. Once again we distributed ashes on the plaza during the day to those who came by, often they engaged the clergy in conversation, or asked for prayers. This is a simple and powerful evangelical outreach to our neighborhood and to people who work nearby.

This coming Saturday our choir will lead a beautiful service of Choral Evensong at 5:00 pm. Our guest homilist will be The Rev. Yein Esther Kim, Parish Associate at St. Athanasius at the the Cathedral Center. Sunday, our mass begins with the traditional Anglican litany in procession -- one of the first elements of the liturgy in English at the time of the Reformation.

Tuesday, we begin out three-part series Fasting and Film. The spiritual practice of fasting is an extension of our prayer life. We abstain from food or other things we enjoy to make us more attentive to God's presence. Fasting also reminds us of being with our Lord who fasted in the desert forty days. Finally, fasting places us in solidarity with those who have no choice to fast, but go without the necessities of life on a daily basis. We encourage you to make Tuesday a fast day especially from food. You may not be able to go the whole day without eating. How you fast is up to your personal ability, especially if fasting is something with which you are unfamiliar.

When we come together Tuesday evening at 6:30, we will pray Evening Prayer then break our fast in a simple common meal. This coming Tuesday, we will discuss the practice of fasting and then the next two weeks we will screen the provocative film Last Days in the Desert, following Jesus during his 40 days in the desert tangling with Satan. We see him not only as the Son of God, but as a human being experiencing the conflicts and emotions we all experience. Please sign up to come so we will how much food to prepare.

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