Traveling Home -- Basic Episcopal Christian Formation

Fr. Mark Kowalewski – – 213.747.6285 – 213.500.1757

This ten-week course will help you engage questions of faith from a Christian perspective in the Anglican tradition. It also will provide you with opportunities to form relationships with fellow explorers on the same journey.

Required written resources:

A Bible – Any version is fine, but some versions are more difficult to read and understand than others. For example, while the Authorized Version, otherwise known as the King James translation is one of the most beautiful pieces of English literature, but it may be difficult for us to understand the meaning it conveys. Two translations are recommended – either the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), the translation we use in the readings at mass, and the primary translation used in the Episcopal Church, or the Common English Bible (CEB), a recent translation aimed at conveying a clearer meaning in everyday language.

Travelling Home: Tracking Your Way Through the Spiritual Wilderness, (TH) by Fr. Mark Kowalewski. This is the draft of a book not yet in print and so it will be available electronically only for participants in this class.

Weekly Class Format:

What you want to know about the Episcopal Church (10-15 min.)

Discussion of weekly topic and readings (1 hour)

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