“Thou Shalt Not Kill” – Control Guns Now!

A Letter from St. John’s Episcopal Pro-Cathedral

As an urban community of faith, St. John’s Episcopal Pro-Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles is no stranger to gun violence. Members of our congregation have been victims and have lost too many loved ones to gun violence. We weep with our brothers and sisters who have experienced unspeakable loss, we gather in prayer, and then we stand up to take action. And yet the violence continues!

With the anger, the sorrow, the reflection that follows each personal tragedy, each overwhelming mass shooting, we promise again and again to orchestrate a meaningful response to gun violence.

As a community of faith you may know that we find strength in scripture, you may realize we find strength in our community, you may think we have been offered some divine insight into the towering questions of Why? How? and What can we do to make it stop? We admit we know nothing more than you do. We can make no sense of prevailing gun violence and systemic social injustice.

And yet have made a vow! We will not be tempted to allow difficulty to define us or defeat us. Our banner mounted on the front of St. John’s Church proclaims our goal regarding gun violence, “Thou Shalt Not Kill – Control Guns Now!”

We, as a congregation and as individuals, are determined that our relentless commitment to prayerful, peaceful action will make a difference. We vow to remind our leaders, our legislators, and our fellow citizens to view guns and gun violence within the context of a simple law above all laws: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

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