Pilgrimage of the Patriarchs

Pilgrimage of the Patriarchs

July 2017 – Five Sundays – 8:45 a.m.

St. John’s Cathedral

This summer we’re going on a voyage through the stories of three men who have shaped the ancient traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Along the way we will hear the stories of the women they loved, the strange things they were called to do, the ways they struggled with each other and with God. These are very human stories and they are the foundation of the whole story of the Old Testament. These five weeks will not only give us a glimpse into the world of our ancestors in faith, but a window to explore the challenges of our own lives as well. Each week, a section of our reading will be the lesson during mass and the homily will focus on that passage as well.

Our summer journey will prepare us for a longer excursion through the whole Bible beginning this fall. Our entire adult Christian education program in the coming program year will be a trip through the entire Bible. If you want to get started over the summer, our Bible tour book will be, The Path: A Journey Through the Bible, by Melody Wilson Shobe and David Creech (Forward Movement, 2016). As a companion to this book, I also highly recommend a brand new book to accompany you on this journey, What is the Bible: How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything, by Rob Bell (Harper Collins, 2017).


Like any tour, it’s always best to know about the place you’re going before you get there. So I highly encourage you to read the selections from the book of Genesis before each week’s class.

Week One, July 2, Read: Genesis 12: 1-5 and 22:1-14

The call and conversion of Abraham

Week Two, July 9, Read: Genesis 23:1-4 and Genesis 24

Isaac the bridegroom – not the sharpest tool in the shed

Week Three, July 16, Read; Genesis 25:19-34

The struggle of two brothers – Jacob and Esau

Week Four, July 23, Read: Genesis 27:1-40 and 28:10-19

Wily Jacob

Week Five, July 30, Read: Genesis 29:15-28 and 32:9-12, 22-32

Jacob’s journey – What goes around comes around?

COMING IN AUGUST: Inreach and Outreach – A snapshot of ministries at St John’s. We will showcase St. John’s ministries during our summer 8:45 Adult Education forum. Come learn more about how we can serve each other and the world around us.


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